Professional Development

Building Personal Branding & Resilience for Corporate Success

There are key elements top brands used to stand out in a crowd. You too can apply these elements to your personal branding. We will share strategies on how you can build personal brand and be armed with the awareness of the ethics, attitudes and dress codes essential to become an effective member of a professional and effective team.

Corporate expectations differ from those at a university.  You will be working with people across generations, gender, nationalities and cultures.  A diverse workforce will bring about better performance and business outcomes. While diverse teams collectively present a greater wealth of experience and ideas, they often have a greater variety of communication styles, motivations, working approaches and norms to achieving optimal results.

Effective Communication for Impact

Perhaps you tried pitching a project, you were chairing a team meeting, or you needed to deliver a compelling presentation. You gave it your best shot, but all you got back were blank looks and awkward silences.

Chances are, there wasn’t much wrong with what you were trying to say; it’s just that you needed to work on how you said it.

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Problem Structuring and Creative Strategies

We are faced with making decisions every day. Some decisions are straightforward, such as deciding which team member to assign to a specific project. Others are more complex, such as selecting a new vendor or deciding to discontinue a process.   

Many of us tend to view decision making as an event—a choice to be made at a single point in time, usually by an individual or a small group. However, significant decisions are seldom made in the moment by one person or in one meeting.

A significant barrier to effective problem solving is that people often fail to balance the use of their logical and creative capabilities in searching for answers.

Navigating & Managing Change

Change is almost always disruptive and, at times, traumatic. Because of this, many people try to avoid it. Nevertheless, change is part of organisational life and essential for progress. Accepting the necessity and inevitability of change enables us to see times of transition not as threats, but as opportunities—opportunities for reinventing the organisation and ourselves.

Stakeholder Management (Being a Trusted Consultant)

Stakeholder management is a critical component to the successful delivery of any project, programme or activity. Effective Stakeholder Management creates positive relationships with stakeholders through the appropriate management of their expectations and agreed objectives.

Managing Interpersonal Conflicts

There are many reasons to engage in conflict, but the bottom line is to arrive at a resolution.  Conflict Management can be exciting and rewarding. It can be a chance to get to the heart of a problem, rather than only focusing on the surface or obvious issues.  Most conflicts have core causes and once those are addressed, conflict management becomes an option to choose rather than run away from.

DISC – Discovering Your Strengths

This interactive workshop focuses on the DISC tool (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance) to discover your strengths and enable you to be build rapport and drive relationship management at the workplace. Participants will have the opportunity to take the DISC tool together with discovery activities. The ability to read others using DISC is life-long skill which has significant positive impact on networking and interpersonal capabilities.   

Myers Briggs (MBTI) – Leveraging Your Talents

Based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) profiling tool, these workshops offer participants a greater self awareness of their preferences and strengths. Widely used by many MNCs, the MBTI remains the preferred common language for corporate profiling and talent management

Driving Team Effectiveness & Dynamics

This highly interactive workshop focuses on action-based experiential learning to develop positive team dynamics. Participants engage in hands-on activities to build specific capabilities and skill. Everyone learns to leverage on their individual strengths and personal styles to create synergy with their fellow members in building a team that really works. This specially-customized developmental program helps create rapport and improve working relationships at the workplace. Be prepared for an exciting experience that unleashes the true potential of a team. The program can be effectively tailored for an indoor or outdoor setting.

Consultative Selling – Sell a Relationship not a Product

This interactive workshop focuses on needs-based selling and relationship building & maintaining for front line sales staff.  This is highly recommended as a transformational program for sales staff to adopt a more consultative approach in relationship selling instead of “product pushing”.  Customization options are available for adaptation to business-specific products and services.

The Emotional Intelligence Advantage @ Work

Heard about Emotional Intelligence (EI) and want to know how it can work for you on a professional and personal level? Understanding and applying Emotional Intelligence (EI) techniques at work will unleash your potential. Participants will learn and apply this contemporary strand of professional skills that is used throughout organizations to achieve work-life integration, stress management, reality testing, motivation drivers and setting life & career goals

Leveraging The Art of Assertiveness In Influencing

Building collaborative working relationships in a corporate is the key to getting things done and resolving challenges. The ability to “hold your ground” while maintaining the rapport is an essential skill. Being assertive enables you to achieve this ideal win-win outcome. From “saying No” to fending off aggressiveness, participants develop a strong foundation to build confidence and learn practical assertiveness to empower them to handle challenging situations. Combined with influencing tools like DISC and Myer Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), participants take interpersonal interactions to the next level.

Negotiating and Conflict Resolution

This impactful programme empowers individuals to negotiate successful outcomes using a practical approach that includes the four phases – forming, storming, norming, performing. The phases include tips, techniques and tools to make a powerful first impression, build rapport, extract information, trade concessions, manage blocks and handle tough “opponents’”. From structured to ad-hoc negotiations, individuals develop strategies and skills to overcome all types of challenging settings and environments. This programme can be customized to target specific business scenarios.

Prioritizing for Impact

Take time management and prioritizing to the next level. Take back control of your time – start maximizing the working hours and minimizing the hours worked. Ever wondered why the many methods of time management and prioritizing never seem to work or become too cumbersome to follow? The reason lies in trying to use one single approach. Embark on a journey to discover how to manage time by managing action. Develop your personal system to meet your unique role and requirements. Learn how to reduce time wasters such as distractions and procrastination. In addition, the program also offers stress management techniques from a professional life-style coach on breathing and relaxation techniques. It is time to get more things done by managing the tactical fire fighting and yet be able to plan for strategic goals at the same time.

Business Writing for Impact

No more traditional jargon and formats – modern business writing is the way to go for professional excellence. Learn how to transform your business communications and take it to the next level. From reports to memos, proposals to emails, make a positive difference to the way others perceive you in the virtual corporate environment with fewer face-to-face opportunities to impress. This interactive workshop will change your business writing forever.

Neuro Linguistic Programming @ Work

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) continues to help individuals cope with the demands of a fast-paced workplace. Based on the ground-breaking NLP principles, this insightful workshop provides practical, simple and easy to apply tips and techniques to improve personal effectiveness.

Behavioral-based Interviewing

Hiring talents and high performers is critical as the “War for Talent” intensifies and traditional interviewing skills are no longer sufficient to identify suitable staff. Getting the hiring wrong can be costly for the organisation. Step into the world of contemporary behavioral-based interviewing where the interviewer is equipped with the knowledge and skill to ask the right questions to achieve maximum results while allowing for time to record key information. No more fumbling with excessive questions, complicated models, overrunning allocated time and frustrated hiring managers – just practical approaches to make the right assessment and hiring the right talent.

Taking Presentation to the Next Level

This program is for not only for staff delivering presentations. From meetings to teleconferences, even if you are required to give 5-minute updates to an audience, you will benefit. Learn the secrets to making pitches that achieve results!  From one-to-one scenarios to large groups, you will pick up practical tips and techniques that make presentation skills an asset in your professional toolkit. It’s all developing long lasting principles by realigning your perception of presenting, creating opportunities to practice and developing positive affirmations to manage the jitters. Finally, find out about how body language matters and handling tough audiences.

Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

It’s more than providing a service – it is about delivering an experience. Need to learn about how to engage your customers and make them feel special. From developing a positive mindset to learning the skills of customer engagement, this workshop will enable you to make customer service a meaningful and fulfilling part of your job role. Find out more about the trade secrets of successful service professionals and develop your own strategy and practical tactics to achieve more. You will also get to find out about the different types of customers and how to flex your styles to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Managing and Handling Distressed Customers

Ever encountered the ultimate difficult customer? Felt lost when customers are screaming at you? Were you emotionally affected by an unreasonable customer? This is a specialized program focusing on impactful tips and techniques to handle the customers that go beyond the usual frustrated and demanding customer – we are referring to the really distressed ones. Learn from practicing clinical psychologists and apply those same techniques to calm your angry customers. Turn service nightmares into service excellence opportunities.

Problem Structuring for Success

Knowing the problem is as important as solving it. From facilitating creative group brainstorming skills, stakeholder mapping, visualizing techniques to decision making tools, participants apply a wide range of practical methods to effectively structure problems. The program also provides a module on building rapport to gain collaboration among team members in the problem structuring process. Be prepared to see problems in a new and positive way.

Taking Personal Branding & Professionalism to the Next Level

The competitive business environment makes it necessary for us to establish a personal brand to stay ahead of the corporate race. In addition, this brand must exude professionalism to build visibility and credibility among managers, peers, clients, stakeholders and team members. This program also deals with the concept of rapport building and reveals impactful strategies to build professional relationships that help advance your career. Embark on this career-changing journey and make a positive difference to your corporate profile.